We are happy to partner with the Department of African American and African Studies to host math workshops at their Community Extension Center, located in the heart of Columbus Near East Side.

Made for Medicine

Made for Medicine is a program of the Columbus Medical Association. It serves as a pipeline initiative to attract more African American or Black talent to the medical profession.

In fall 2022, BAMM is partnering up with Made for Medicine to offer hands-on mathematics activities to their students, through the Hidden Figures – Black Figures Revealed project. In these sessions, attendees engage with research level math ideas through the stories of Black PhD Ohio State alumni.

A big thank you to the project leader, Dr. Ranthony A.C. Edmonds.

Hidden Figures Revealed

In April 2022, we offered a series of four math workshops inspired by the work of the 7 Black mathematicians who have obtained a PhD from The Ohio State University. Attendees learned more about their hidden stories and explored the mathematics they were interested on.

This series of workshops was part of the Hidden Figures Revealed project, funded by OSU’s Seed Fund for Racial Justice. Learn more about the project here.

Math Magic

In March 2020, we were offering a series of workshops for middle school students. In these workshops, students learned impressive magic tricks based on mathematics. The series had to be interrupted due to the COVID lockdown.