Explore @ Home

Here are a few ideas of math activities you can do while staying at home. Follow us on our social media for more!

Math Magic Online Course During the summer of 2021, we hosted a virtual math summer camp on Math Magic. The camp content is available online as a self-paced course, and it is free for anyone to try. You can access it by creating a free account on ScarletCanvas. You earn a badge for each magic trick you complete!

BAMM Puzzle Posters Here are a few puzzles you can have fun solving!

Rep-Tiles Challenge Mathematical Rep-Tiles are not cold blooded. Check out this videos that guide you through our Rep-Tiles Challenge.

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Remote Activities

The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival is actually a lot of festivals around the globe. The organization supports locally organized events that inspire K–12 students to think critically and to explore the richness and beauty of mathematics through collaborative, creative problem-solving. Since right now these festivals cannot be hold in person, they are offering a webinar and a game, both appropriate for the whole family, each week.

Four Color Fest Activity Book, by Melinda Lanius

Check out this activity book which our friends from the University of Illinois Geometry Lab put together a few years ago in celebration of the 40 year anniversary of the proof of the four-color theorem (you can learn more about the theorem on the book). For the youngest ones in the family, this is a great coloring book. The activities included are great for older kids and adults a like.

This book was designed by Melinda Lanius, now a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Arizona.