COSI Science Festival

On 2022, COSI Science Festival is back to in-person! Look for our booth on May 7, during the Big Science Celebration, right outside COSI.


On 2021, the Festival was virtual. Check out the videos of our participation!


In 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, the Science Festival went digital. We participated with a webinar and sharing our favorite activities on our social media for people to try at home.


The 2019 COSI Science Festival held more than 100 events showcasing science during three days and culminated in an exciting and fun celebration of science along the Peninsula surrounding COSI. The celebration featured dynamic experiments, incredible demonstrations, and engaging hands-on activities hosted by Franklin County’s own science, technology, engineering, and mathematics focused organizations.

BAMM participated as exhibitor at the Big Science Celebration. During this hands on exhibition, we had activities for all ages and all academic backgrounds, such as fun and interesting puzzles. These activities encouraged group collaboration, independent thinking, problem solving, and naturally fostered the use of mathematical-logic thinking. Our hands-on exhibition also gave examples of what mathematicians do, what is mathematics, some history of mathematics, and its applications. We cherish the opportunity of seeing people at our exhibition experience the Aha! moment upon solving a problem, and we hope many of them fell in love with mathematics.

We thank the faculty, students, postdocs, and their families who shared their passion and love for mathematics by forming part of the BAMM outreach group at the 2019 COSI Science Festival.