BTC 2020

In 2020, Beyond the Classroom Math Summer Camp went virtual. We received more than 500 applications and served more than 200 participants on our three editions. Check out the gallery for some snapshots of the event!

The theme was Polyforms and Polytopes in Art and the topics covered were:

  • Tessellations
  • Polyforms
  • Polyhedra
  • Euler Characteristic

On the last day of camp, students worked in projects to further analyze some of the concepts of the workshops. Instructors suggested a wide range of possible projects and they chose theme and scope. Students presented their results through videos or other multimedia formats.

The organizers and instructors, Debi Stout, Maritza Sirvent, Claire Merriman, and Monica Delgado, would like to thank the volunteers, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to reach as many students as we did:

  • Professors Veronica Ciocanel, Jim Fowler and Cosmin Roman
  • Shreeya Behera
  • Kacey Clark
  • Robert Dixon
  • Nick Geis
  • KT Goldstein
  • Torey Hilbert
  • Peter Hutson
  • Hannah Johnson
  • Michael Lane
  • Angela Li
  • Niko Schonsheck
  • Vicki Simmerman

A special thank you to Tom Evans, Manager of Open Learning at ODEE, for countless hours of support and guidance in setting up the online platform for the camp.


Event flyer