BAMM @ Your School

Would you like BAMM to give a workshop at your school?

  • If you are a student, ask your teacher to send us an email.
  • If you are a parent, talk to your children’s teacher or school principal about inviting us.
  • If you are an educator interested on our workshops, fill out this form or email us at Workshops can be adjusted according to the time allotted, a class period works fine. Our workshops are free and we provide all necessary materials.

We work with all school levels. We have a wide variety of workshops, from which we chose depending on the audience.

What can students gain from our workshops?

  • A new perspective of mathematics. Students are used to school math and are often surprised to find that there is math in many other things they hadn’t considered before, such as art or magic.
  • Reduce math anxiety. Students don’t feel anxious to try tasks they don’t immediately perceive as math. The feel more comfortable when they approach math from something they enjoy, such as art or a game.
  • Standards of mathematical practice. Our activities promote skills such as math reasoning and pattern detection.
  • Learn about some of the questions researchers in mathematics work on. All our activities draw from research level topics, so students get to learn what mathematicians who work on research do.

We’ve had the pleasure of visiting schools such as Red Oak Community School, Daniel Wright Elementary, Wyandot Elementary, Metro Middle School, Deer Run Elementary, Glacier Ridge Elementary, and Heritage Elementary.

“We know kids learn best through play! When we learned about OSU Math Outreach Workshops we knew this was something our students needed to experience. The students were engaged and excited to learn throughout the workshop! They’ve even asked when they will be coming back! It was great seeing their excitement for learning shine through the task!” – Testimony of teacher Ms Kami Wenning, from Daniel Wright Elementary.

Below are a few examples of the topics of our workshops.

Playing with Math

Math is a lot more than what we do at school, and it can be fun and very exciting. In these workshops, children play games, solve puzzles, and build things. While doing this, they’re exercising their mathematical thinking without knowing. On a second stage, we explain the math behind and show how consciously thinking mathematically can help solve the problem in a faster, more efficient way. We adapt our workshops according to the grade; in a single workshop we might link several activities. Some examples are: tangram, origami, square bubbles, tower of Hanoi, NIM, etc.


Be amazed by our mathmagician amazing divination tricks and become an apprentice. Tricks vary in mathematical complexity and will be taught according to age.

Math meets Art

Discover how math itself is an art, and how it is often used in visual arts. Explore mathematical and geometrical concepts to create your own piece of art.