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BAMM: Buckeye Aha! Math Moments is the outreach program from the Department of Mathematics at The Ohio State University. The initiative increases the public awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment of mathematics through a variety of activities, periodic events, and long term outreach projects.

We reach to the general public of all ages, genders, ethnic groups, economic situation, and education backgrounds, regardless of whether they already have an interest in math or not.

We spread the word of what mathematicians do and to invite the young to pursue a career in math, especially those from underrepresented groups in STEM programs (women, for example).

Want to know more about what we do? Read our blog! It gives a great outlook of our activities.

BAMM also looks to attract interest from the OSU Math community in the recreational branch of mathematics.

The outreach initiative is supported by theĀ Mathematics Advisory Board, the Department of Mathematics, and the Natural and Mathematical Sciences Division.


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