Beyond the Classroom Monthly

This is a series of monthly workshops that invite students in grades 4 to 12 to explore math in a nontraditional environment. They are a complement to our summer program, however, there’s no commitment to attend the summer camp when coming to the workshops or vice versa. Students are welcome to join BTCM for any sessions they can and want. It is not mandatory to come to all, as sessions are independent.

We welcome all students, whether they already have an interest in math or not, and even if they don’t like math (so far). BTCM are a great way to get to know another side of math, as we explore research-level problems, but with the appropriate level for the youth. Our workshops often link math with other topics of interest like art.

BTCM is for those students who are interested in attending the summer camp and want to start preparing for it, but also for those who can’t or are unsure about attending the summer camp but want to give it a try.

The workshops will generally be held on the last Saturday or Sunday of every month (although there are a few exceptions). Currently, the workshops are offered in-person.


April 1, 2023 – Knot Algebra

February 2023 – All Things Binary

January 2023 – Topology

December 2022 – Voronoi Diagrams

November 2022 – Tiling

October 2022 – Tangled

September 2022 – Gerrymandering

April 2022 – Catalan Numbers

March 2022 – Dragon Fractal

February 2022 – Rubik’s Cube

January 2022 – 15 Puzzle

December 2021 – Colors

November 2021 – String Art

October 2021 – Secret Codes

September 2021 – Math Stars

April 2021 – Billiards

March 2021 – Shongo Networks

February 2021 – Kolam

January 2021 – Mazes 2

December 2020 – Sphericons

November 2020 – Mazes

October 2020 – Pipes and Pentagrams

September 2020 – Mondrian Art

February 2020 – 3D Models

January 2020 – Games on Surfaces

November 2019 – Origami

October 2019 – Latin and Magic Squares

September 2019 – Anamorphic Art


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