About Us


In 2018, Erika Roldan, then a PhD student at Ohio State, garnered support to run a math summer program for girls, with the long term goal of incrementing the representation of women in math related careers.

Seeing the success of the summer program and realizing the need to extend our mathematical work beyond the campus, the Department of Mathematics and the Natural and Mathematical Sciences Division decided to sponsor a more comprehensive outreach program. Thus, Buckeye Aha! Math Moments, BAMM, was born.

The name highlights our identity as Buckeyes and our intention to elicit moments of surprise inspired by mathematical discovery. The fortunate acronym also stresses the impact we want to make.



            Claire Merriman                              Erika Roldan                                 Monica Delgado                                                            Director 2020 – 2022                   Founder and Director 2018 – 2019           Associate Director


Bart Snapp                                          Debi Stout                                      Maritza Sirvent









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