We have two main ways of taking math to the public: exhibits and workshops.

Exhibits let us reach more people, often of a wide range of age and even people who were not looking for math content. During exhibits, we display mathematical games, puzzles, and crafts and let people try them for as long as they want.

Here are some of our favorite exhibit activities:

  • The game SET. On this website you can play a daily challenge or you can download the app for Android or Apple device.
  • Tangram. Great for the youngest of the family. You can try it online or make your own out of paper.
  • The Tower of Hanoi is a puzzle in which you have a tower of disks of growing size on a peg and two extra empty pegs. The goal is to move the tower to one of the other pegs, by moving one disk at a time and never placing a disk onto a smaller one. The legend says that some monks are solving this puzzle with 64 disks and when the last move is completed, the world will end. Try it here (with less disks) and see if you can figure out how long it will take the monks to finish the puzzle.