Hay is for Sheep and Goats Too!

Written by Frances Nicol, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development

There is often a misconception that hay is only meant for cattle and horses. However, sheep and goats are also ruminant animals and need to digest forages to complete their diet.

If you are taking a sheep and/or goat project to the fair, make sure you provide plenty of hay at home and during the fair week. If these animals do not have forages in their diet, it can have detrimental effects on their nutrition and product quality. Because of their rumen bacteria, they are able to digest large amount of cellulose which is found in plant fibers. This provides them the necessary carbohydrates for a balanced diet.

Your livestock resource book has recommendations on how much hay/forages you should provide to your animal. Often, it is the grain diet that should be given in portioned quantities as they tend to eat too much, while hay can be fed “free choice”, meaning the animals should always have access to hay for them to graze on.

It is also important to have the right quality of hay. The nutrition chapter of your Goat or Sheep Resource Books have more information on the quality of hay and and other feeds, proper storage, etc.

Proper nutrition is the basis of a healthy animal. If they are not being fed properly, it can not only affect the meat or product quality, but also the general well being and health of the animal. Please be sure you are doing your research before purchasing feed for your animals.

For more information, check out your 4-H project books and Resource Handbooks or call the extension office at 740-852-0975 or a livestock key leader with any questions about feeding your livestock.

Source: Goat Resource Handbook, Ohio State University Extension, 2016


OSF Animal Skillathons

Want to spend a day at the Ohio State Fair and test your knowledge?

Who can participate?: 4-H and FFA youth. Youth do not have to be a state fair exhibitor or be enrolled in an animal project in order to complete.

What is it?: Show what they know about 9 different animal species through 10 skillathon events during the Ohio State Fair (see the schedule below).

How do I register?: Skillathons are free, registration is the day of the event (an adult must accompany the youth), youth can come anytime between the hours listed.

How do I study?: Rules, study resources (including the station topics for each species), and other information are available at: go.osu.edu/osfskillathons

Youth vying for the Outstanding Market Exhibitor (OME) award for goat, sheep, poultry, swine, and beef must participate in the Skillathon, showmanship, and live animal show in order to qualify. 

WE, 7/17 from 10am-3pm HORSE SKILLATHON Voinovich Livestock Center Mezzanine (2nd floor)
FR, 7/19 from 12-5pm GOAT SKILLATHON Voinovich Livestock Center Mezzanine (2nd floor)
TU, 7/23 from 9am-2pm SHEEP SKILLATHON Brown Arena Wool Room
TH, 7/25 from 3-6:30pm DAIRY SKILLATHON 1 Voinovich Livestock Center Mezzanine (2nd floor)
TU, 7/30 from 9am-3pm DOG SKILLATHON Buckeye Sports Center (north end)
WE, 7/31 from 1:30-5pm DAIRY SKILLATHON 2 Voinovich Livestock Center Mezzanine (2nd floor)
WE, 7/31 from 4-7:30pm POULTRY SKILLATHON Rabbit/Poultry Pavilion
TH, 8/1 from 8am-1pm SWINE SKILLATHON Voinovich Livestock Center Mezzanine (2nd floor)
TH, 8/2 from 4-7pm BEEF SKILLATHON Voinovich Livestock Center Mezzanine (2nd floor)
FR, 8/2 from 8am-12pm RABBIT SKILLATHON Rabbit/Poultry Pavilion


Contact the Madison County Extension Office for more information at 740-852–0975.

Clover Clippers 4-H Club Supports Sufficient Grace

Written by Trenton Vance, News Reporter, 6.18.2019

The Madison County Clover Clippers 4-H club had the privilege to support Sufficient Grace for their community service outreach. Sufficient Grace provides evening meals for children in six school districts within Madison, Union, and Clark counties. Sufficient Grace’s mission is to make sure that no child experiences hunger after school. We collected individually-packaged, nonperishable food items that they could put into the boxes that will be given to the children. Sufficient Grace continues to grow and serves more schools each year. If you would like to donate or get more information about this wonderful organization, go to www.sufficientgrace2012.org.

*If you would like to support this cause, this year,  the Madison County Junior Fair Board will be hosting a Penny War between the barns at the fair to raise money for Sufficient Grace. Watch for more information to come soon!

Buckeye Rangers Club Meeting Minutes 5.14.19

Written By Anna Stroup, News Reporter

The Buckeye Rangers 4-H club held a regular meeting at the Range Township Fire hall on Sunday, May 14, 2019. The pledges were led by Keyairra Helton and Hannah Morrow. A Safety report was given by Hannah Morrow on never getting into a car with a stranger. A reminder that skill-a-thon must be completed on either June 18 or 26. Also, the deadline for fair sign-ups are June 1. Club t-shirts designs were voted on and the winner was Anna Stroup. The winner will receive $25.  Demonstrations were done by the Clover buds, Leah Stroup, Ted Madden, Cooper Hughes and Carter Quire on “4-H means to me”. Also, Logan and Zoey Patrick did a demonstration on different cattle disease.  After the short meeting, all members and families met outside to plant flowers as a community service project. A dedication of a small stepping stone was presented to the family of Master Gardner, Lynda Junk, who passed away in late 2018. Mrs. Junk in the past helped the Buckeye Rangers with the flower planting. The next meeting will be held at 4-H advisor, Susan Hughes home for a pot luck meal and a swine demonstration.