Member Spotlight: Space Adventure Camp

Written by Gus Feliks, County Conservation Club

Building a hot air balloon

I attended 4-H Space Adventure Camp this past June at Marietta College.  We got to stay in a college dorm.  My roommate was from Cleveland.   We also ate our meals at the campus dining hall.

We designed and built many flying objects.  My model rocket was launched with a crash landing.  My hot air balloon probably was not sealed properly and fell to the ground instantly.  We also made bottle rockets and paper airplanes.  We visited the Marietta College Observatory looking through their large telescope and visiting their planetarium.  We went swimming at the Betsy Mills Club.  College Professors visited with us and performed science demonstrations.  We played with flight simulators in the computer lab.  It was a jammed-packed, fun three days.

Building a paper airplane

I highly recommend this camp.  For more information, visit

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