CON Firewall Upgrade Status

Friday, Feb 20

Update 1: 5:00 pm – The CON IT team has started the firewall upgrade project.  Right now, all systems are down and are being moved over to the new network configuration.  We will update this page as we make progress.

Update 2: 8:30 pm – Most services have been changed to accept the new firewall configuration, but will not be available until the router and switches have been configured.

Update 3: 11:00 pm – Router and switches have been configured, but we are experiencing issues with DNS (web site name) resolution.

Saturday, Feb 21

Update 4: 3:00 am – Still experiencing issues with DNS resolution and authentication, but we are beginning to restore internal web and file services.  Client computers from within the building should be able to access the internet.

Update 5: 4:00 am – We are making progress in restoring services from within Newton Hall.  Network drives and websites are available internally but are not yet available outside of Newton Hall.  We are stopping for the night and will return tomorrow.

Update 6: 10:00 am Saturday – We are beginning work again.

Update 7: 12:00 pm – Remaining routing issues, DNS resolution, and authentication have been resolved.  Client computers, file servers, and some web servers (including Panopto) are available.

Update 8: 3:00 pm – VPN, SharePoint, Studentweb, Nucleus, Panopto, Network drives (H:, N:, W:, R:), Remote Desktop Server, and Wireless have all been restored and should be accessible.

Update 9: 5:00 pm – We are running OS updates on some systems which may cause brief service interruptions.  The website is still experiencing issues.

Update 10: 10:00 pm – Most printers are back up.  The most CON websites are up (, iPeer), but payment forms are not yet available.

Update 11: 11:30 pm – Some extended functionality of the nursing website has been brought up, client PCs and printers are available.  We are concluding work for the evening but will be back tomorrow to continue to upgrade the security of our new infrastructure.

Sunday, Feb 22

Update 12: 11:30 am – We are beginning work again.

Update 13: 5:00 pm – We have completed work.  All services should be back up and operational.  If you need assistance, please contact us by email at

Thank you for your patience,