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Orientation Goes to Dinner

Students have learned about class and internship opportunities. They had the chance to rate which classes and internships they want to take. After the week is over, Peter will work to get students’ permission for class and get enrolled.

Wednesday evening we headed to the Gateway to have dinner at Cazuela’s. Caden was surprised when the restaurant sang him Happy Birthday. We celebrated with cupcakes.

It’s Orientation Week!

We have welcomed 9 new freshmen to Ohio State who are in full swing of orientation activities. We also have 8 other students deciding what college might look like for them!

Monday night a group of current TOPS students and alumni led a tour of campus. During orientation week, we do a lot of walking on campus for students to begin to familiarize themselves with where the landmarks are. On the tour, students passed through the oval to go from Ohio Union to Thompson Library. They also stopped at the RPAC. Did you know, the RPAC is one of the largest recreation facilities in the country? It is also only one of many recreation facilities on campus to which students have access. There were many other sites on campus for students to see!


Public Awareness and IPSE Day

Think College Awareness Week is a national event to raise awareness of college options for students with intellectual disabilities.


This week-long event will offer daily virtual learning events sharing information and resources for students, families, educators, transition professionals, and higher education personnel.

ALL events are FREE and open to the public.

ALL are welcome to attend.

You will receive just one link to access any event – live or recorded.

You can tag Think College on social media (Facebook: @thinkcollege or Instagram: @thinkcollegelCl

TOPS Make Healthy Snacks!!

After taking a field trip to the grocery store a few days prior, students made their own healthy snacks! We all had a great time taste testing what everyone made!

What a great way to end before spring break! Hope everyone is enjoying the week off!

Volunteering at Colony Cats!!

TOPS student, Finn, and TOPS intern, Taylor, spent time volunteering at Colony Cats on February 21st to get their community service hours in. Finn and Taylor loved petting the cats and getting to know our little, furry friends. After they were done volunteering, they stopped at Panera on High St. and Lane Ave. to reward their hard work with some refreshments.

**If you still need community service hours for this semester please email 

TOPS Alumni: Alex Rogers

Alex Rogers, a TOPS alumni, joins the advisory board in central Ohio for Best Buddies.

“Best Buddies Advisory Board in Central Ohio is a group of diverse community leaders who [are] outstanding representatives…advancing the mission of inclusion through one-on-one friendships and leadership development programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).” (

Alex Rogers Joins Best Buddies Advisory Board

To read the entire article, click the following link:

TOPS is proud of you, Alex Rogers!

Buckeye Paws Visit

On February 27th, TOPS students had a blast spending time with a therapy dog. Here is what Ziyue, a TOPS intern, had to say about this experience,

“On a dreary, rain-soaked day, the presence of a furry friend breaks through the gloom and warms us to our core. Her name is Cascade, a therapy dog from Buckeye Paws. With her infectious smile and gentle demeanor, she effortlessly melts away our worries and stress, leaving us feeling refreshed and renewed. As she pads her way into our lives, Monday suddenly becomes infused with a vibrant energy, and we find ourselves grateful for the simple joy of spending time with such a lovely creature.”

If you want to learn more about Buckeye Paws, click on the following link!