App Spotlight:

Currently, there seems to be a never-ending list of apps available for download, and many can increase an individual’s access to and success in the classroom, in the community, or in a variety of other contexts. Over the summer, we’ll highlight several of these apps, so hopefully you find one that fits your lifestyle!

App name:

Where you can access this app: smartphone, computer/laptop, tablet, some smart watches

What can this app do?

This app keeps all of your lists and to-do items in one app. has the following features: to-do lists, a calendar, grocery lists, reminders, and a daily planner.

  • To-Do List/Reminders/Daily Planner

Beyond keeping a simple to-do list, you can also color-code and prioritize tasks. Set up custom one-time reminders, repeating reminders that occur at the same time every day/week/etc., and location-based reminders (such as reminding you to feed the cat when you get home).

  • Calendar syncs with your previously existing calendar, including Google Calendar.

  • Grocery List

The grocery list feature automatically organizes items based on sections of the grocery store and saves recently purchased/regularly occurring items so you can easily add them to your list.

How much does this app cost? The app is free to download, but a subscription is required to access some features.

Click here to learn more about this app. 


Nisonger Center Research Registry

The Nisonger Center maintains a research registry, made up of individuals who could be potential participants in relevant studies. The registry is made up of individuals who have received services through the Nisonger Center and are interested in being a part of research. The registry is voluntary, and you can remove your name at any time. Once in the registry, you may periodically be contacted about participating in a study. Your participation in these studies is entirely optional. If you would like to be a part of this registry, fill out the form below and send it to Jessie Green.

Research Registry Data Form

Communication Disability Self-Identification for Drivers/Vehicle Passengers

Are you aware of the Communication Disability Self-Identification database for drivers/vehicle passengers in Ohio?

The database was established by House Bill 115 and its purpose is as follows:

Allows for individuals with a medically diagnosed communication disability who drive or regularly have someone with a communication disability in their vehicle to voluntarily identify themselves to law enforcement. Officers approaching a vehicle will be notified that there may be someone with a communication disability in the vehicle prior to approach in order to reduce any potential misunderstandings or communication problems.

Source: OOD

To learn more about the database, including who qualifies and how to sign up, click here and here.

If you’d like to register for the database, you can access the Communication Disability Verification Form here.

Publication on Establishing a Peer Mentor Program

Recently, two TOPS staff members published a resource on how to establish a peer mentor program to support students with intellectual disabilities. This resource is available on the Think College Resource Library and was published in How to Think College. It provides information on how to establish and maintain a peer mentor program. Check it out!

Ohio Means Jobs Interview Modules

A great way to continue to learn and grow in your employment skills over the summer is to use the Ohio Means Jobs interview modules, which are available online. Click here to access the modules and click on “Visit Interview Practice Center.” It will be beneficial to create an account or, if you already have an account, log-in to save your progress.

Once you’ve logged in and clicked on the green ‘Visit Interview Practice Center’ button, your screen should look like this:

If you aren’t able to see the welcome screen, try using a different Internet browser.

Clicking on ‘Fast Track’ or ‘Mastery Track’ will take you to a series of online module videos. On the right, you can access a transcript of the videos, as well as practice activities that correlate with the videos.

Back on the welcome page, click on ‘Interview Playbooks’ to access interviewing modules. Try out the ‘New Graduate’ section!

If you want to practice your interview skills, click the ‘Practice’ tab at the top of the page.

If you click on ‘Practice Interviews,’ you can practice real interview questions. Try different levels of difficulty. Additionally, you can practice interview questions that are specific to the industries where you are interested in being employed. When you choose a mock interview, you can record your answers. Click on the ‘tips’ button on each question for helpful ways to approach that question.

There are a lot of other great resources on this website, so don’t forget to explore the other tools available!


TOPS Commencement: Class of 2019

Congratulations to the TOPS Class of 2019 on your recent graduation. This is a tremendous accomplishment and we’ll continue to be your cheerleaders as you move forward. We can’t wait to see all that you continue to accomplish. O-H!