Emergency Readiness

On Sunday afternoon, The Center for Disability Empowerment and Endeavor Defense and Fitness in Hilliard, Ohio provide an Emergency Readiness Self defense training presentation for people with disabilities. Finn, Nick and Sheri from the TOPS program had a great day learning about how to keep themselves and those around them safe and how to observe the environment around us.  We learned how to find exit points, how to  barricade and evade, hide and to get away if need be .

Now, we hope we would never have to use these tools in our daily lives but knowing what to do and how to do it will help us prepared if we should ever face a situation.

Our instructor Aaron Jannetti and Brooke Hughes with host Marley Saade put on a great presentation which included our own emergency kits to take home with us!


3 masked people pose at the event                   items displayed on the floor from the survival kit