Buckeye Paws Visit

On February 27th, TOPS students had a blast spending time with a therapy dog. Here is what Ziyue, a TOPS intern, had to say about this experience,

“On a dreary, rain-soaked day, the presence of a furry friend breaks through the gloom and warms us to our core. Her name is Cascade, a therapy dog from Buckeye Paws. With her infectious smile and gentle demeanor, she effortlessly melts away our worries and stress, leaving us feeling refreshed and renewed. As she pads her way into our lives, Monday suddenly becomes infused with a vibrant energy, and we find ourselves grateful for the simple joy of spending time with such a lovely creature.”

If you want to learn more about Buckeye Paws, click on the following link!  https://medicine.osu.edu/departments/psychiatry-and-behavioral-health/buckeye-paws

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