Dr. Samir Mathur

I found this talk very interesting as I have always found black holes very interesting. The most interesting thing to me is how much scientists still don’t know about them and the amount of progress that has been made. It’s like we know so much, but still so little. Dr. Samir Mathur did such a great job of helping us to understand the things we do know about black holes and it was clear how passionate he is about his work. I feel like I learned more during this talk than any high school physics class.

One thought on “Dr. Samir Mathur

  1. Chalk one up for the Scientific Roots class….a win over high school physics lol…Your point is well-taken. I think back to some high school courses and remember learning a lot of information, but not understanding how it fit together. Dr. Mathur helped connect the dots between the traditional Newtonian physics and Einstein’s theory of relativity. He also gave both historical and modern views on black holes to tie several ideas together and make them relevant.

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