Three Words, Three Pictures

“Mathematicians Work Everywhere”

While in Cambridge, I had decided to check out(sneak into) the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences especially since he went to school in Cambridge. Inside they had chalkboards all over the building filled with complicated formulas scribbled all over them. Before I left the building I had decided to use the bathroom and was surprised they even had a chalkboard in there ready to be written on just in case someone had an idea while relieving themselves. I think it is also interesting to note during this time that Newton developed Calculus while working at home when the country was shutdown due to the Bubonic Plague, sound familiar?

“Hey There Liz”

After touring the Royal Society, we had a free day to do whatever so Brooke, Stephen, and I spontaneously decided that we would walk down to Westminster to check out the outside of the church and maybe see the Queen. When we approached we were met with security everywhere, protestors from Cameroon, and news cameras. Since we had got there somewhat early we were able to scope out a position where we could get the best view. After 90 minutes several police escorts came through and we were able to get a glimpse of the Royal Family and this happened to be Megan and Harry’s last event as royals before moving to North America.

“Pride of London(Chelsea’s Slogan)”

Growing up, I would watch European soccer all the time since I played competitively throughout high school, but I honestly never thought I would go to a game in England. I got pretty lucky planning this out because this was the only game in London while we were there and Chelsea was from favorite club growing up. I also got lucky because Chelsea sells all their tickets in the same section at the price whether they are in the very front or all the way up so I was able to get a front-row seat. Chelsea, the home team played an absolutely flawless game and beat Everton 4-0 with a couple of goals scored right in front of me. Overall, this was truly a dream come true for me.

2 thoughts on “Three Words, Three Pictures

  1. Your three pictures truly reflect the breadth of English culture. I’m so glad you were able to have those experiences!

  2. We are waiting for you to come up with your new theory while in social isolation, Michael. Just send us a picture of your bathroom chalkboard when you do.

    I love the fact that you saw such a historic event while in London. Your timing in being allowed to watch a soccer math and in seeing the Royal family was impeccable.

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