London 3 Photos 3 Words

  1. Wake up early
    1. This photo was taken at 6:00 am near Covent Garden. I woke up around 5 am and decided to go for a walk instead of going back to sleep. I found probably the only store open that early and the man working there told me his life story because neither of us had anything better to do. That conversation most likely would not have happened at another time of day because he would have other customers to attend to. I also went to an antiques flea market and talked to some of the people there. It was a unique experience to walk around and watch the city wake up. Although this may not directly relate to the class, we learned that some great things (like the discovery of penicillin) happen by chance. This experience also happened by chance for me. I woke up early without planning it and wandered around without a real idea of what I wanted to do.

2. “Take the boat” -JoCo

2. This photo was taken from the boat on the Thames. JoCo, Kelly, and I took the boat from the London eye to the Greenwich Observatory. Kelly wanted to go to the Observatory to complete her project and I tagged along because it sounded like fun. The boat provided a great view of the city and JoCo provided interesting facts about beheading.

3. Always try asking

3. This photo was taken outside Buckingham Palace after this officer graciously let me pose in his hat. I said in the beginning of the semester that I would try anything once and along with that, I will also ask anything once. I’ve discovered if you are polite and understanding, the worse case is people will say no. In this case, the officer was amused and gladly handed over his hat. “Always try asking” is a relatively new policy for me. It has taken me on some adventures, but it also helps in an academic setting. Whether it’s asking for extra help, asking for a deadline extension, or asking for a recommendation letter, having the courage to try is important. The worse case is a professor says no, but you will never get anything unless you ask.


2 thoughts on “London 3 Photos 3 Words

  1. A very wise person once said, “Take the Boat”. You listened to that wise person and now you are better for it. Along with your other mottos like “always try asking” and “try everything once”, you now make a seasoned traveler (not really sure about the wandering around at 4 am part and taking the policeman’s hat though).

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