3 Pictures 3 Words – Stephen Creevy

Reserve SkyGarden Tables (at night)

Make sure you break up your reservation into a few small groups so you don’t have to meet a minimum payment per person. We also did a Monday night and they were super flexible with us because it wasn’t too crowded (as oppose to a weekend night). We were able to get a few drinks and enjoy the 360 degree view of London lit up at night. A great experience to wrap up the day with a beautiful view and, just like the pubs I am going to discuss, gave us a great opportunity to get to know each other. I cannot overstate how much I value that the friendships, with both professors and peers, that I developed on this trip.



Take Over Pubs (and make foreign friends)

We decided to do a pub crawl the second night we were there. It was recommended from students who had studied abroad in London in past years and it was a great way for us to see a different side of a massively diverse city. It was a great way to get out and really get to know each other and begin to build friendships that would flourish the rest of the trip. We also made friends from Germany and Brazil, all great, friendly people with their own insights to share.


Climb St Paul’s (All the Way Up)

A fantastic silver lining of not being able to go to France was that we really go to dive completely into London and get a much more complete experience. We wouldn’t have otherwise been able to see inside Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s, nor would have experienced Stonehenge or Cambridge. Michael and I went to St Paul’s during our free time and I think I liked it even more than Westminster. It was massively ornate, has a crypt full of highly revered Englishmen and women, and the view from the very top cannot be topped (except maybe SkyGarden).


Dr Alber Reflection

I was very interested in her focused passion for Pasteur and everything he contributed to in such an illustrious lifetime. I am so glad I chose this course to finish my undergrad career because I think I enjoy the historical context behind discoveries and findings in every field just as much (if not WAY more) than learning the specifics behind the discovery. Dr Albers discussion painted a historical picture/idea of what it was like in the timeline of Pasteurs work and it gave me a much greater appreciation for what was accomplished and when. I will admit that her talk made me more appreciative of historical findings. In class I had previous stated that older findings could have been unearthed by anyone who was educated and rich with the opportunity to spend money on the best equipment and was surrounded by other equally intelligent mentors and peers. But her viewpoints made me realize that these were truly amazing minds working with very scarce resources compared the breadth of equipment today’s scientists are blessed with. To have the scientific mind to understand what they were seeing and the creative mind to come up with radically new theories is pretty awe-inspiring. I really enjoyed the presentation and cannot wait to have her expertise at our disposal while we are in Arbois.

Dr Dale Gnidovec

I unfortunately had to leave this discussion after about 30 minutes for a work meeting but what a passionate speaker. I could listen to him talk about literally anything because of his storytelling abilities, personability, and captivating presentation. I am hoping I can catch him in his office to get a quick catch-up on his lecture that I missed. He tied so much history into painting the entire global picture in the eras he was discussing, it was so easy to place your mind in the specific timeline he would focus on. Excited to spend more time listening to him.

Dr. Anelli Reflection

I enjoyed the progression of the conversation starting with the mindset of the early great minds and beginning of naturalistic and typological thinking. It made a lot of sense to go into all the views of the time, such as natural theology. It also made sense to discuss the timeline of when Darwin’s supporters came to his side and from what view they were convinced to depart from. I was particularly interested in hearing the early life of Darwin and how different pieces of his upbringing paved the path for him to have the necessary interactions with the right people. It makes these historical figures much more real when we have discussions based on their childhood, education, and personal/social life.

Dr. Weisenberger Reflection

I enjoyed hearing Dr Weisenberger discuss all the opportunities that Ohio State has created for innovators and scientists throughout the years as well as the historical development of the university. I am excited to dive into a focus on medical discoveries that correlate to my work over the past 2 years in Orthopaedic Medicine in the divisions of Trauma and Sports Medicine. I have worked in the Wexner Medical in the past in the STAT lab and did a lot of setup work for their Oncology and Emergency Departments. When I have time I like to dive a little deeper into the history behind my work and interests and in the last couple years a lot of those interests have based in medicine because of my work. When I finish my degree I am looking at entering medical device clinical research in the specific field of product development and implant design.