Short History OSU Reflection

Looking back at our projects, I think they went really well and looked very presentable. For my groups project specifically, I thought it flowed very nicely and was well thought out. However, I do think we could have added visuals like the other group did which I felt helped to keep engaged with the project as a whole. For the final project, my group is already planning on adding many pictures and videos to aid the audio. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of this project as it is a sort of “free for all” where we can express o0ur interests. Overall, I think the short history of OSU project was successful and the final project can only go up from here!

One thought on “Short History OSU Reflection

  1. Yes, I am really looking forward to the final presentation. It will really serve as not only a short history of science project, but a trip diary for all who participated. The OSU project was well done and the experience gained will inform this second project and future students as well.

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