Three Pictures, Three Words

Darwin’s Always Watching

I liked this photo because it looks like this statue of Darwin is looking directly at the camera. Particularly, I enjoyed the Natural History Museum because there was so much to check out while we were there. The displays within the museum were very interesting in general, but a lot of the information there was also a huge reminder of how evolution plays such a large part in much of Earth’s history. Especially with the sections of the building involving geology, human biology, and other organisms for example. Along these lines, I also enjoyed visiting Darwin’s home; it was surreal to walk the same trails he did. It was like being starstruck but he wasn’t there (obviously). Also the little cafe was very tasty so that was a huge plus.

Explore more History

While I think the Natural History Museum and Zoology Museum show a fair portion of history, it’s mainly scientific events/discoveries. I really enjoyed visiting Salisbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey just because there was a different side of history with these buildings. I’ve always been interested in medieval era history, so visiting these churches was crazy cool. The photo I chose here is the oldest tomb in Salisbury Cathedral from the 1200’s, and I was just astounded at how well the tomb had been kept. The architecture of both buildings was also amazing; I personally think gothic architecture is the most interesting so being able to see these churches in person was such a great opportunity.

Stick with Friends!!

I know not everyone is in this picture, but I couldn’t think of a better group to have been on this trip with. Everyone was so easy to connect with and make new memories with. Also, it was amazing to have everyone supporting my funds throughout the week. Losing my debit card was the worst, but this group helped me out big time, so thank you to everyone who came in clutch for the week. I’ve made memories that I’ll (hopefully) remember for a long time, and I hope you guys had as much fun as I did.

p.s. I want to especially thank the professors for coming on this whirlwind of a trip with us. You guys kept us safe and always had our backs. So thank you for everything you did for our group throughout the week. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Three Pictures, Three Words

  1. We’ve got your back, Grace! Such great photos – each one helped me to understand your individual experience on this trip.

  2. Thanks for the kind words,Grace. This was a very unique group that really stuck together and made our jobs easier. It was really a pleasure traveling with you all, especially given the fact that there were so many unknowns. The students really embraced the situation and made the best of it.

    PS I love the cauldron pic

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