Three Pictures, Three Words

Dream Come True 
One of the top things on my bucket list was to see Stonehenge and I’m still amazed that it happened. (It’s basically my birthday rock considering I’m a summer solstice baby). Although this was supposed to be the Eiffel Tower pictured behind me, I think I am happier to have Stonehenge in this picture. We really made the best of not being able to go to Paris and I was able to knock something off of my bucket list!

SkyGarden Per Request
After finding out we couldn’t go to France, we definitely made the best of it and had some classy fun. SkyGarden was one of the few things I really wanted to do while we were in London and I’m so glad we went. It’s kind of biology related since it is a garden! Also, for the record, Dr. Cogan requested the meeting time to be moved.

Thank You OIA
I was pretty bummed when we found out we weren’t able to go to Westminster before leaving for the trip. However, thanks to OIA, our London trip was extended and we had to fill the extra time in London, so we were able to see Westminster. It was so beautiful and it was interesting learning all of the history from our tour guide. It was definitely a once in a lifetime thing and I’m so glad we got to go and see where so many amazing people are laid to rest.

History of OSU Reflection

I found this project so interesting and I’m really excited to see what everyone does for the Europe portion of the class. It’s crazy how many great innovators came out of Ohio State and really shows the potential of the students here. There were so many things I didn’t know before the project, but the thing that I found most interesting was the Antarctica project. It really showed how much women were doubted and how much these women overcame during this trip. I also think it’s so amazing that the discovery of he 22nd amino acid was made by people that still work here at the University. It just shows that we’re being taught by very accomplished people and how fortunate we are to go to this great university.

I really appreciated how smoothly this project ran with how many people there were. Everyone communicated easily and there was no worry with how things would get done or if it would be on time. We were all on the same track and were able to work together really easily.

Dr. Samir Mathur

I found this talk very interesting as I have always found black holes very interesting. The most interesting thing to me is how much scientists still don’t know about them and the amount of progress that has been made. It’s like we know so much, but still so little. Dr. Samir Mathur did such a great job of helping us to understand the things we do know about black holes and it was clear how passionate he is about his work. I feel like I learned more during this talk than any high school physics class.

Dr. Kinghorn Reflection

Dr. Kinghorn made this lecture very interesting as you could tell how passionate he was about the field he is in. There was so much he told us that I hadn’t known about medicinal plants considering it seems the public gives them a bad reputation as they are used incorrectly for recreation purposes. However, in the medical field they are clearly so important and without them, we would not be nearly as advanced in curing or relieving certain medical issues. I very much enjoyed learning the good side of medicinal plants and how they play such a big role in the medical world.

Dr. Alber Reflection

I was already very interested in Pasteur before Dr. Alber’s talk, but after watching the movie and her talk, I am even more interested in his findings. I enjoyed the movie a lot, I knew his theories weren’t accepted in the beginning but it was very interesting how it went from no one believing him or wanting him to continue his research, to everyone depending on him to find vaccines for rabies. Overall, I really enjoyed the talk and found it all very interesting and eye opening.

Dr.Cogan Reflection

I really liked that this presentation had a video before we came to class as it helped tie the whole thing together. I also really enjoyed how interactive it was, it’s nice to see insight from everyone in the class. I really find it interesting how the background of different scientists really influence their achievements and that we can make connections to their background.

Dr. Anelli Reflection

I really enjoyed this lecture mainly because of how enthusiastic Dr. Anelli was. I found it interesting when talking more about Darwin’s life and his relationship with family. I also found it interesting that some of his greatest influences rejected his findings. It’s so interesting to learn about how people viewed his ideas back then versus today and this difference of acceptance.

Dr. Weisenberger Reflection

I really enjoyed this lecture, personally I think this is the type of information new students should be told about the university as it allows you to see the success from others at Ohio State. I also really enjoy fun facts so i keep telling my friends about different things we learned from this lecture!