OSU Short History Reflection

I think this was a well put together project with each of the presentations having a good general theme with great specific insights, between medicine and women’s achievements at the university I think we did tOSU proud in unearthing some underappreciated discoveries! I enjoyed researching Dr Hess and his highly touted career at Ohio State and his leadership contributions to the university medical school and the hospital itself. Looking forward to seeing what next years class will look like and contribute.

One thought on “OSU Short History Reflection

  1. Yes, there are so many questions about next year. It’s amazing how much the world changed in one month. Before the pandemic I thought about whether we should show this years projects to next years students. it would be a nice guide but perhaps stifle their own creativity. I can’t wait to see the video project especially from our group this year. It will make a nice diary of the class and the science history we discovered.

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