Dr. Samir Mathur

I have been looking forward to this talk for a while since I saw information on Dr. Mathur’s research on the 150 innovations website. It’s pretty funny that they didn’t let him know that he was on the website, I would think they would send him an email or something. I have been fascinated by black holes and space for some time now. Growing up, my dad and I loved watching the movie Apollo 13 together. Every time that I’ve tried to learn what exactly a black hole is I would end up being confused so it was comforting knowing that even some of the greatest scientists in history didn’t exactly know how a black hole works. I also looked into String Theory a couple of times and I thought Dr. Mathur explained it very simply. I think it is very cool that we have a researcher like him on our campus, here, at Ohio State.

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  1. I agree and I think it was a class consensus that not only is he a great researcher, but has a great ability to teach to all levels. I may go back and catch Apollo 11 per your suggestion..I m just not a huge Tom Hanks fan. 🙁

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