Three Pictures, Three Words

Dream Come True 
One of the top things on my bucket list was to see Stonehenge and I’m still amazed that it happened. (It’s basically my birthday rock considering I’m a summer solstice baby). Although this was supposed to be the Eiffel Tower pictured behind me, I think I am happier to have Stonehenge in this picture. We really made the best of not being able to go to Paris and I was able to knock something off of my bucket list!

SkyGarden Per Request
After finding out we couldn’t go to France, we definitely made the best of it and had some classy fun. SkyGarden was one of the few things I really wanted to do while we were in London and I’m so glad we went. It’s kind of biology related since it is a garden! Also, for the record, Dr. Cogan requested the meeting time to be moved.

Thank You OIA
I was pretty bummed when we found out we weren’t able to go to Westminster before leaving for the trip. However, thanks to OIA, our London trip was extended and we had to fill the extra time in London, so we were able to see Westminster. It was so beautiful and it was interesting learning all of the history from our tour guide. It was definitely a once in a lifetime thing and I’m so glad we got to go and see where so many amazing people are laid to rest.

2 thoughts on “Three Pictures, Three Words

  1. “Per request” had to make it in there somewhere! Stonehenge looks so mysterious in the photo – glad you got to knock that off your bucket list!

  2. Lies, lies and more lies. I cannot reveal my sources, but I was definitely told to request a later time. Also, please reference Grace’s post on how the RDs looked after the students on this trip! It may help you develop respect for your instructors, Madison.

    In all seriousness, it was great that you were able to adjust to our reality and make the most of our trip to the U.K. I love that you got to check off some sites from your bucket list. Also, you can always photoshop the Eiffel Tower into your photos.

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