Three pictures, three words

Explore interests. I’ve always loved natural history museums. While cultural ones are always fun, I feel like there’s just not enough science museums around. I loved that the natural history museum seemed to have every sort of branch, from human biology, animal, or even just pretty rocks, which I love to look at. I think no matter where you go, it’s important to go for what’s interesting to you. Rave scenes, mushrooms, biology, places to take pretty pictures. I think everywhere has something for that.

It works out. This caption is for the fact that, despite all the places and at all the times, it turns out that, for totally different reasons, some of my friends also went to London, at the same time. We met up and had a great time. It just goes to show that you never know how things might work out.

Different but same. This seems simple, but, I like simple differences. Seeing these on the shelves over our usual brands is interesting to me. All the ways big brands can be different, but we all still have chocolate bars near the registers. Kinda odd how we all reach the same ideas, even if it’s not independently.

2 thoughts on “Three pictures, three words

  1. The social distancing at the Natural History Museum certainly leaves something to be desired… I don’t eat a lot of candy bars, but those look yummy!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. I agree that one of the fascinating things about travel is the little things you learn about everyday life in a different place. I visited York a couple of years ago and found out how important chocolate is to that city (hence the Yorkie). It would be like someone visiting the US for the first time happening upon Hershey, PA. The same but different as you say.

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