Laudato Si’ adds Catholic voice to diverse spectrum of religious creation care views

Here are some links to the encyclical and related educational materials and statements that have been developed by different religious communities, including a letter of support from over 400 Rabbis, and a new Islamic statement on the environment:

Laudato Si’: Praise Be To You: On Care for Our Common Home: (html) 
Laudato Si’ study guide from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops: (pdf)
National Catholic Reporter Reader’s Guide to Laudato Si: (pdf)
The Shalom Center with its history of ecological practices: (url)
Announcement of the Rabbinic Letter on the Climate Crisis: (url)
Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change: (url)
United Methodist Bishops Pastoral Letter: God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action: (url) 
Lutheran Study Guide to Pope Francis’ Letter on Climate Change: (pdf)
Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation: (url)
National Association of Evangelicals 2015 Call to Action on Creation Care: (url)
A Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change: (url)
Buddhist Climate Change Statement to World Leaders 2015: (url)
Black Church Climate Statement: (url)
And a whole host of other denominational and other religious community statements on environment and ecology have been compiled online, such as here or here.

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