Religion-Environment Photo Gallery

What does “religion and the environment” look like? See the results of the 2019 Religion-Environment Photo Contest (winning photos announced below) and help expand our collective vision of what faithful care of creation looks like.

This gallery was begun with a photo contest in 2018 that invited images – displayed below – that capture the many dimensions of faith-based creation care, environmental justice, and spiritual elements of ecology and sustainability. The photo captions reveal additional information about the motivations, setting and story behind each image. This gallery will remain open for ongoing submissions of the diverse expressions of faith community environmental work, and all photos carry a creative commons license for public use (feel free to use any photo in this gallery in accord with its creative commons license, and all photos in this gallery will also be available for an online, open-source textbook about Religion and Environmental Values in America, forthcoming in 2019; you may also submit photos for the gallery and book but opt out of the contest, or start submitting photos for the 2021 contest!). Enjoy, and please submit your photos and captions here!