Reverend Sally Bingham on the Paris Pledge

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Reverend Sally Bingham gave a speech for Interfaith Power & Light announcing the Paris Pledge and what it encompasses. Their main goal is to reduce energy 50% by 2030 and be completely carbon neutral by 2050. To watch this video click here and to read more on the Paris Pledge, click here.

Paris: We’re Still In

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Paris: We’re Still In is a campaign launched by Interfaith Power& Light to show that U.S faith leaders will not give up on caring for creation, no matter what happens in the White House. While Interfaith Power & Light and other faith leaders will continue to fight for the United States to keep the Paris Agreement, they will continue with the Paris Pledge even if the U.S backs out. To read more about Paris: We’re In, click here.

People of Faith Support Bears Ears National Monument

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Bears Ears National Monument is located in Utah and is considered a highly spiritual and important monument to the tribes of the area. More than 100 Christians from 27 different states warned of the danger of reducing the protections of the Bears Ears region. 37 of these religious leaders or organizations wrote and signed a letter to further express their opposition to reducing protection of the monument. To read more about the specific leaders who signed and their statements, click here.

Paris Pledge

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The Paris Pledge was created by Interfaith Power & Light with hopes for a 50% reduction in global warming pollution by 2030 and to become carbon neutral by 2050. By signing the pledge, you are pledging to work towards this goal in you individual life. To read more on the Paris Pledge and to sign, click here. For a printable version, click here.

Evangelical Environmental Network Climate Videos

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The Evangelical Environmental Network has collected a selection of videos on climate change and how it relates to the Bible. These videos include The Gospel Call to Creation Care, Accelerating Risk: Climate Change and International Conflict, Witness to Climate Change, and more. To watch these videos, click here.

Caring For Creation Pledge

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The Caring For Creation Pledge is a pledge created by the Evangelical Environmental Network. It states that a person will pledge to keep an open mind and speak up, to support a price on carbon, to acknowledge that climate change isn’t just a ‘liberal issue’, and to sign the Joseph Pledge.  To read in more detail and sign this pledge, click here.

Energy Optimism

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Energy Optimists is an article that refutes the doom and gloom point of view and focuses on a positive view when it comes to climate change.  It states that our climate moment is like that of Moses in his final words to the children of Israel: “See, I have set before you today life and prosperity, death and adversity … Choose life so that you and your descendants may live …” (Dt. 30:15, 19b). To read this article, click here.

Mercury and the Unborn

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The Evangelical Environmental Network has made a video and corresponding statement about the impacts of mercury on the unborn. Evangelical Christian’s believe that all human life is sacred and every person is of equal value, and therefore is worthy of protection. This protection includes mercury poisoning which has become a problem because of power plants and the pollution they cause. To watch this video and read the statement from evangelical leaders, click here.

Witness to Climate Change Video

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Witness to Climate Change is a video produced by the Evangelical Environmental Network that shows how climate change is impacting the country of Malawi. It shows how almost every Malawian is affected by climate change in some way and why this should impact us in America as well . To watch this video, click here.