Garden Manual

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A Rocha believes that a garden is a place to meet with the Lord and marvel at His miracles. It’s a place to love your neighbor, care for creation, and grow veggies. Gardening plays a prominent role in God’s plans by meeting needs and celebrating the bounty of God’s earth. They have created a manual for groups interested in growing gardens and blessing their communities. To read this guide, click here.

A Rocha Creation Care Camp: Wild Wonder

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Wild Wonder is Rocha’s newest creation care camp designed for elementary school- aged children. The four day camp is designed to tap into children’s curiosity for the world around them. Through daily devotions in scripture, nature study and exploration, and hands-on science activities, the camp weaves wonder of the natural world into a deeper knowledge of Jesus and the created world. It is held at each of the project locations around the US. To read more about Wild Wonder, click here.

A Rocha USA

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A Rocha USA Environmental Stewardship is a branch of the International A Rocha project. They are currently working in Nashville, central Texas, and the Pacific Northwest. They specifically work to engage churches, schools, and neighborhood groups in scientific research, environmental education, and community-based conservation. To read more about projects around the US, click here.

A Rocha Conservation and Hope

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A Rocha is a Christian nature conservation organization. They are an international organization that focuses on science and research, practical conservation, and environmental education. They are identified by five core commitments and to a practical outworking of each: Christianity, Conservation, Community, Cross-Cultural, and Cooperation. To view more about their mission and commitments, click here.

Au Sable Institute

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The Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies is a place to encounter the wonder of God’s world and the challenges of caring for creation. Their mission is to inspire and educate people to serve, protect, and restore God’s earth. They hope to offer a direct scientific investigation of the natural world, the truth and wisdom of scripture as a guide to our relationship with the Earth, and to build community for mutual support and purpose in restoring God’s earth. To read more and see what they offer, click here.

Climate Witness Project

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The Climate Witness Project is a campaign from the Office of Social Justice meant to walk with congregations as they learn about the realities of climate change and seek to be better stewards of the resources they have been given. This campaign was created because they believe there is growing moral consensus that climate change must be addressed immediately. The pope’s encyclical on climate change is a recent example of support for an immediate response that has developed in religious communities.  To read more on this project, or to sign up, click here.

The Office of Social Justice

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The Office of Social Justice helps Christian Reformed Church members learn to love their neighbors in tangible ways. They provide resources about the root causes of poverty, hunger, and oppression, and empower the church to call on those to improve systems. To read more or watch a quick video overview of the Office of Social Justice, click here.

Young Evangelicals for Climate Action go to Germany

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The Young Evangelicals for Climate Action are going to COP 23, which is a framework convention on climate change in Bonn, Germany. This meeting will be the first time the world has gathered to implement the Paris Climate Agreement since the U.S. government announced its intention to withdraw. They are going to stand with those who are suffering, to bear witness to the church’s concern for God’s world, and to take action to respond to climate change with love and compassion. To read more or receive their daily email updates, click here.


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EngagingSpirituality is a 21-week spiritual deepening process for adult Christians who are seeking to bring the power of the Holy Spirit to the needs of the world. It is another series from JustFaith Ministires that invites Christians to look at the world together and break open their lives. It encourages people to Be Still and Still Be in the storm of life that surrounds them. To read more, click here.


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JustMatters is a program created by JustFaith Ministries. It is a series of modules that allow small faith communities to explore critical current issues such as hunger and migration. The modules are eight weeks and are meant to create an environment that invites personal transformation. To read more, click here.