A gift goes a long way. Donations to the Friends of the Triplehorn Insect Collection Fund (Number: 314967) help support our day-to-day operations. Contributions from people like you are used to pay for basic curatorial supplies such as specimen trays, insect pins, label paper, and, with luck, some much needed new insect drawers to store our irreplaceable specimens. The Friends fund allows us to build on our online presence (like the Pinning Block blog!), to develop new displays and hands-on activities children and adults, and to continue providing guided tours to schools, school groups, families, and just about anyone interested in insects in our community.

Please make a donation to our friends fund today! Every contribution makes a difference.

Thank you!

Geotrupes splendidus

Specimens of the Splendid Earth Borer (Geotrupes splendidus) that are now being curated, imaged, databased, and will soon be added to the permanent holdings of the collection. Photo by L. Musetti.

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