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The team behind the beetle curation project:

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Cicindela sexguttata

Cicindela sexguttata Fabricius, 1775. Photo by Liz Alvarez


Project Directors
Dr. Norman F. Johnson – Principal Investigator
Dr. Luciana Musetti – Co-Principal Investigator


– Current

Sara Hemly

– Past

Alejandro Figueroa-Ripoll

Undergraduate Student Assistants

– Past
Addison Copen
Rileigh Dunn
Matt Semler
Pippin Wong-Bullock

– Current
Jenna Dunham
William Engle
Rosey Fraser
Jenna Helkey
Raistlyn LeVan
Alison Muhl
Shelby Muntz
Wanghao Shen
Aubree Steinmetz


– Past
Miabella Centuori
Susie Hodson
Rowan Killina

– Current
Craig Biegler (to date)
Jan Nishimura (to date)

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