Tiger beetle species and subspecies

Here’s a list of all the taxonomic names associated with the Schultz Tiger Beetle collection that are featured in the “An Ambush of Tiger Beetles” expeditions in Notes from Nature. Many of these names below are outdated, but they are being used for the purpose of the data transcription project.

The genus name is always capitalized and the species and subspecies are all lower case. In the tiger beetle of the Schultz collection, , the genus name may sometimes be abbreviated. Example: Cicindela may be abbreviated as C.

Taxonomic names may be accompanied by the author of (=person who named) the species/subspecies. Author name, when present, will appear after the genus + species + subspecies name. Common author names that appear in the Schultz collection are Casey, Cazier, Dejean, LeConte, Leng, Rumpp, Say, Vaurie, among several others. See the list of taxonomic names below to check the author name.

For the purpose of the transcription project, author name should only be copied in the verbatim transcription fields.

A new tiger beetle data transcription expedition will start in January 2023.





Cicindela abdominalis Fabricius
Cicindela ancocisconensis Harris
Cicindela belfragei (Sallé)
Cicindela bellissima Leng
Cicindela beneshi Varas
Cicindela blanda Dejean
Cicindela californica mojavi Cazier
Cicindela californica pseudoerronea Rumpp
Cicindela carthagena Dejean
Cicindela cazieri Vogt
Cicindela celeripes LeConte
Cicindela circumpicta circumpicta LaFerté-Sénectère
Cicindela circumpicta johnsoni Fitch
Cicindela circumpicta LaFerté-Sénectère
Cicindela columbica Hatch
Cicindela cuprascens LeConte
Cicindela debilis Bates
Cicindela decemnotata vanescens Rumpp
Cicindela decemnotata Say
Cicindela denverensis Casey
Cicindela depressula depressula Casey
Cicindela depressula eureka Fall
Cicindela dorsalis dorsalis Say
Cicindela dorsalis media LeConte
Cicindela dorsalis saulcyi Guérin-Méneville
Cicindela dorsalis venusta LaFerté-Sénectère
Cicindela duodecimguttata Dejean
Cicindela formosa formosa Say
Cicindela formosa generosa Dejean
Cicindela formosa gibsoni Brown
Cicindela formosa manitoba Leng
Cicindela formosa pigmentosignata Horn
Cicindela fulgida rumppi Knudsen
Cicindela fulgida williamlarsi Knudsen
Cicindela fulgida winonae Knudsen
Cicindela fulgida Say
Cicindela fulgoris albilata Acciavatti
Cicindela fulgoris erronea Vaurie
Cicindela fulgoris fulgoris Casey
Cicindela gabbii Horn
Cicindela gratiosa Guérin-Méneville
Cicindela haemorrhagica haemorrhagica LeConte
Cicindela hamata lacerata Chaudoir
Cicindela hamta monti Vaurie
Cicindela hirticollis abrupta Casey
Cicindela hirticollis coloradula Graves
Cicindela hirticollis corpuscula Rumpp
Cicindela hirticollis hirticollis Say
Cicindela hirticollis rhodensis Calder
Cicindela hirticollis shelfordi Graves
Cicindela hirtilabris LeConte
Cicindela hornii Schaupp
Cicindela latesignata parkeri Cazier
Cicindela lemniscata lemniscata LeConte
Cicindela lemniscata rebaptisata Vaurie
Cicindela lengi jordai Rotger
Cicindela lengi lengi Horn
Cicindela lengi versuta Casey
Cicindela lepida Dejean
Cicindela limbalis Klug
Cicindela limbata albissima Rumpp
Cicindela limbata hyperborea LeConte
Cicindela limbata limbata Say
Cicindela limbata nympha Casey
Cicindela longilabris laurentii Schaupp
Cicindela longilabris longilabris Say
Cicindela longilabris montevega Rumpp
Cicindela longilabris oslari Leng
Cicindela longilabris perviridis Schaupp
Cicindela macra ampliata Vaurie
Cicindela macra fluviatilis Vaurie
Cicindela macra macra LeConte
Cicindela macrocnema obliquans Chaudoir
Cicindela marginata Fabricius
Cicindela marginipennis Dejean
Cicindela marutha Dow
Cicindela nebraskana chamberlini
Cicindela nebraskana Casey
Cicindela nevadica citata Rumpp
Cicindela nevadica knausi Leng
Cicindela nevadica lincolniana Casey
Cicindela nevadica nevadica LeConte
Cicindela nevadica olmosa Vaurie
Cicindela nevadica tubensis Cazier
Cicindela nevadica LeConte
Cicindela nigrocoerulea nigrocoerulea LeConte
Cicindela obsoleta santaclarae Bates
Cicindela obsoleta vulturina LeConte
Cicindela ocellata ocellata Klug
Cicindela ocellata rectilatera Chaudoir
Cicindela olivacea Chaudoir
Cicindela oregona guttifera LeConte
Cicindela oregona maricopa Leng
Cicindela oregona navajoensis Van Dyke
Cicindela oregona oregona LeConte
Cicindela pamphila LeConte
Cicindela patruela consentanea Dejean
Cicindela patruela patruela Dejean
Cicindela pilatei (Guérin-Méneville)
Cicindela pimeriana LeConte
Cicindela politula barbarannae Sumlin
Cicindela politula petrophila Sumlin
Cicindela politula politula LeConte
Cicindela praetextata praetextata LeConte
Cicindela pugetana Casey
Cicindela pulchra dorothea Rumpp
Cicindela pulchra pulchra Say
Cicindela punctulata chihuahae Bates
Cicindela punctulata punctulata Olivier
Cicindela punctulata Olivier
Cicindela puritana Olivier
Cicindela purpurea audubonii LeConte
Cicindela purpurea capricola
Cicindela purpurea cimarrona LeConte
Cicindela purpurea hatchi Leffer
Cicindela purpurea purpurea Olivier
Cicindela repanda novascotiae Vaurie
Cicindela repanda repanda Dejean
Cicindela repanda tanneri Knaus
Cicindela senilis amargosae Dahl
Cicindela senilis nyensis Rumpp