Photographing beetles

We started photographing specimens for data transcription (specimen and labels in the same image) back in 2016. At that time we were working on the digitization of butterfly specimens so we concentrated on imaging butterflies. After we completed that project we planned to hold a beetle data transcription project and started taking images of beetles using similar methodology. We are currently photographing over 5,000 tiger beetle (Family Carabidae, subfamily Cincindelidae) specimens from the Schultz collection.

Detailed information about our specimen imaging process can be found here – this guide was produced for butterfly, be the process is mostly the same. For the beetles we only create one image in dorsal view. Those interested in more in-depth information about our insect photography activities can also dive in here. We were incredibly fortunate to have had artist Jordan Reynolds working with us between 2017-2020, developing methods, creating detailed protocols and guides, and training personnel. His contribution to our imaging efforts is still being felt today.