There are several ways to get involved in the work we do at the Triplehorn Insect Collection. Check out Current opportunities. Contact Dr. Lu Musetti via email at osuc-curator@osu.edu with “Internship / Volunteering Questions” in the subject line to receive more information.


We offer internship opportunities for undergraduate students as time and resources allow.

Curatorial internship – intended to provide OSU students in the fields of Biology, Entomology, Forestry, Conservation, and related fields, with hands-on experience in the preparation and documentation of insect specimens for scientific research and for the long term preservation of the specimens in collections. Interns will learn basic curatorial standards and techniques used in insect collections, including specimen drying, mounting, labeling, and electronic data capture. We are looking for driven students who are devoted to learning and who are enthusiastic about this opportunity.

Virtual internship – open to undergraduate students at Ohio State and elsewhere.


One does not need to be an entomologist in order to work in an insect collection. Join the vibrant group of staff, students, scientists, and volunteers who make the collection the special place that it is. No matter how hard we work, there’s always so much more to be done. Volunteers help us achieve our goals. Their enthusiasm and dedication are invaluable to us.


We frequently hire undergraduate curatorial assistants. When available jobs are advertised on social media and posted at the OSU Student Job Board.