Enter the tiger beetles: the Schultz collection

Tom Schultz at Denison University

Tom Schultz at Denison University

In the summer of 2018 we were approached by Dr. Tom Schultz, Professor of Biology at Denison University, about a possible donation of his tiger beetle research collection to Ohio State University. Tom studied the structure and function of coloration in insects, with a focus on tiger beetles and damselflies (see literature reference for some of his publications below).

As Tom planned for his retirement in mid-2019 he wanted to make sure the collection was deposited at a reputable public institution which would care for the specimens while making them available to other scientists for study.

Over the 40 year span of his academic career, Tom amassed a sizable tiger beetle collection, consisting of over 5,300 well preserved and labeled tiger beetles specimens in 139 species and 131 subspecies neatly stored in 17 Cornell drawers and trays.

On a bright Tuesday morning in May 2019, over a year after we were contacted by Tom, we drove to Granville, Ohio, a quaint town about 40 miles east of Columbus. We rented a van, loaded it with padding material (bubble wrap, moving blankets, etc.), and set out to pick up Tom’s collection. We got there at 11 AM and in less than 2 hours we had everything wrapped, loaded, and ready to go. The drive back to Columbus went smoothly and not one specimen was damaged during the trip.

Once we got back to the museum the drawers were placed in temporary storage outside of the Triplehorn collection and for the next few weeks all of them went through our prophylactic freezing treatment (-40°C for 48 hours, room temperature for 24 hours, -40°C for another 48 hours) to make sure any potential insect pests were killed before bringing the drawers in the collection proper.

The Schultz Tiger Beetle collection is pristine and well-documented. As part of our NSF-funded Beetle Curation project the specimens plus their labels are being photographed and uploaded to Notes from Nature for online specimen data transcription. Check it out if you would like to learn more about the project and/or would like to help with data transcription.

Some of Schultz’s publications on tiger beetles:

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About the Author: Dr. Luciana Musetti is an Entomologist and Curator of the Triplehorn Insect Collection.