4-H Committee Seeking New Members

Any current 4-H volunteers interested in applying to become a member of the Muskingum County 4-H Committee should submit a completed application by November 15 at 11:59 p.m.

The 4-H Committee serves as an advisory committee for the 4-H program and assists with county-wide 4-H programs like the 4-H Kick-Off, Volunteer Recognition Banquet, Older Youth Opportunities Interviews and Club/Committee Audits.

The committee meets five times per year, on the first Monday of February, April, July, October and December.

Adult members apply and are selected to serve a three year term by the committee members. Adult members are selected to represent a geographical area of the county based upon where their 4-H club meets. Three at-large members are also selected from any area of the county.

Youth members are Junior Leaders elected to a one year term by the club’s membership.

For more information on the 4-H Committee, please contact Jamie (mcconnell.210@osu.edu) or a member of the 4-H Committee (list on our website).

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