Defining Adventures for Women in Nature – DAWN Camp

I’m excited to announce a new special outdoor adventure camp for girls ages 16-19! My 4-H professional colleagues Jenny Strickler (Coshocton), Janessa Hill (Holmes) and Michelle Moon (Carroll) have a very cool experience planned!

This camp is for young women who want to be outdoor adventurers! Women today are hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, biking, kayaking and skiing more than ever before. Learn how to be comfortable in the woods. Girls across the state of Ohio will come together and learn life-long skills such as:

  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Tent Living
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Autumn Hiking and exploring of the Mohican Forest
  • Map Reading and orienteering
  • Build meaningful connections with other outdoor-loving girls

Don’t let a “lack of gear” keeping you from applying! They will be lending/providing gear to those who need it!

For more information: