Great Resources for Cloverbud Volunteers

This year, each club with Cloverbuds will receive the new Big Book of Cloverbud Activities and Choose and Tell Cards through funds from the Muskingum County 4-H Endowment.

Ohio 4-H’s Cloverbud Design Team also has additional resources available for those who are looking for new activities on the state website. Check out the 4-H Cloverbud Connections blog, old editions of the PDF newsletter, and the Click It, Print It, Do It Activity pages!

And don’t forget…we have six Cloverbud Activity Kits that can be checked out from our office. We ask that you keep them no longer than a week.

Our Country – Cloverbuds will learn about our country and how to fold a flag, put together a floor puzzle of the United States, learn about the history of the 4-H flag, weave a 4-H flag, sing patriotic songs with a CD, learn fun facts about Ohio and enjoy a children’s book about America Is.

The Science of Sound – Cloverbuds will learn all about sound with sound experiments, participate in sound matching activities, play music on pipe chimes, color their way through a listening skills activity, play games, learn about Sounds All Around from a children’s book and have fun with sound clips on a CD.

Food Fun – Cloverbuds will play food bingo, enjoy a music CD, read about Eating the Alphabet from a children’s book, experience healthy snack ideas and understand serving sizes using food models.

Sports Fun – Cloverbuds will learn about different sporting activities, play Sports Bingo, read several books related to sports, learn about good sportsmanship, sing classic sporting songs such as Take me out to the Ballgame and create their own sports pennant.

Fitness is Fun – Get your Cloverbuds moving with Halfpint Skillastics, follow along to bean bag activities & coordination skills and read Get Up and Go!

Weather Fun –  This kit includes five weather-related science activities and all the materials needed to complete them. It also includes the book, Storm is Coming, which is a fun look at storms to help kids deal with any fear they may have. The kit also contains games, crafts, songs, and snack ideas.