Ohio 4-H Week Alumni Spotlight: DaVonti’ Haynes

DaVonti’ Haynes is a Ph.D. student studying agricultural communication, education, and leadership with a focus in community and extension education. 

He is from Cleveland, Ohio – Cuyahoga County, where he was an active member of the Youth Advisory Committee of Cuyahoga County.

During your time in 4-H, what projects did you complete?

All of our projects were related to leadership and service; such as the Cuyahoga County Annual Youth Summit. My involvement with 4-H was really the prelude to me discovering my passion of advocating for, empowering, and uplifting others and communities. 

What did you learn through your involvement in 4-H?

4-H helped prepare me for my academic and professional career in ways that I could not have expected. It instilled in me a love for giving back and servant leadership and helped equip me for success after high school by providing me with the necessary supports, environment, and network of friends, educators, and mentors to grow. 4-H introduced me to life-long leadership skills such as resilience, facilitation, communication, and advocacy, among many others. The experiences, skills, and knowledge that I gained during my time in Cuyahoga County 4-H have (and will continue to) directly contribute to my personal, professional, and academic growth and success.

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