Celebrating Past, Present, and Future ACEL Agriscience Education Students


Group of agriscience education students.

Just a few of our agriscience education students at Ohio State!

The Ohio State Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership is excited to celebrate agricultural educators on Thursday, September 15 for National Teach Ag Day. Specifically past, present, and future ACEL agriscience education students.

The agriscience education major at Ohio State prepares its students you to acquire a license to teach agricultural science in secondary high schools in Ohio and across the country, with extensive training in agricultural science, educational psychology, instructional methods, and youth development.

Current ACEL students who are studying agriscience education share why they wish to become agricultural educators after graduation.

Maranda Berger, I want to be an ag teacher to show kids that they don’t have to go to college to be successful. I want students to know that trades are just as valuable as a college education. I want to be the person that believes in a child when no one else does and the teacher that inspires a child to graduate.”

Kayla Bowens, “I chose to be in the agriculture education profession because I want to broaden students’ knowledge about agriculture and teach them about how agriculture is in their everyday lives.”

Cora Crilow, I chose to be an agricultural educator because I want to give students the same opportunities that I was given in ag class. I believe that ag education is vital in schools and I’m so excited to educate future generations!”

Faith Galavich, I chose to be an agriscience educator because I want to give my future students the best experience possible and help them grow not only as agriculturalist and leaders of tomorrow, but to grow as people.”

Sarah Hoog, “I believe that it’s important for everyone to know all that agriculture has to offer all, from career opportunities to leadership skills they can develop from it no matter their background.” 

Julia Kitchen, “I chose to be an ag educator because of all the positive impacts that my teacher had on me. I also chose to be an educator because I can teach while expressing my love for agriculture.”

Alexandra Liskai, I chose to become an agricultural educator to show students the opportunities that the agriculture industry has and to help students find their passion in the industry.” 

Alexis McCord, I chose to be an agricultural educator because I realized how many kids don’t know about agriculture. I want to share the love and passion I have for agriculture and all it beholds by sharing it through the form of teaching to people younger than I am.”

Shelby Nicholl, “I chose to study agriscience education because of the impact that my agriculture educator had on my life. I also love educating others about this wonderful industry and developing my knowledge on the industry.”

Keagan Nicol, I chose to become an agricultural educator to share my passion for the agricultural industry with the younger generations. I want to be able to open doors and create pathways for individuals to succeed in the future.” 

Jonna Nissen, I chose to be an agricultural educator as I want to ignite students’ passions and develop a bright future through the use of agriculture.”

Zoe Parrott, “I am becoming an agricultural educator to inspire students to love agriculture and be engaged in the industry.”

Annell Prochnow, I want teach agriculture because of the influence and mentorship my agricultural educator had on me. I also am excited to share my passion for agriculture with future generations.”

Whitney Phillips, “I chose to be an agricultural educator because I want the new generation of students to know the importance of agriculture.”

Matt Roth, “To have a positive impact on students’ lives. By being a positive role model in and out of the classroom.”

Emily Schmitz, “I chose to become an agricultural educator because my ag teacher had a huge impact on me during my time in FFA. She encouraged me, supported me, and showed me hard love in times that I needed to hear it. Seeing my mom and sister work in education also inspired me to pursue a career that I can teach, love, and serve students within the classroom. Growing up on the farm, I knew I wanted to be involved in agriculture, but I just wasn’t sure how. When I got involved in FFA, it made total sense to combine agriculture with education as a career path.”

Laura Scholl, “I want to become an agricultural educator because I want to advocate for agriculture and the best place to start is in our classrooms.”

Anna Shearer, “I chose to be an agricultural educator as I saw the benefits of students developing soft skills for their future careers while becoming educated consumers.  

Andrea Smith, Why I chose to start the path to becoming an agriculture educator, all started when one day it just hit me as I was sitting in my FFA Advisor, Mrs. Burden’s classroom, that I wanted to teach ag education. Coming from a rural, small-town background, there were kids that lived on the farm and those who wanted to. I was one who wanted to, so in my case, 4-H and FFA helped me express my love and passion for the agriculture industry in multiple aspects. As an agriculture educator, I can help those who were raised like I was and give them those experiences as my FFA advisor did for me. Working with my future students gives me a chance to help students express, or even find their passion in agriculture.”

Lauren Thornhill, “I chose to become an ag teacher because I enjoy teaching others about what I love and seeing their excitement over topics that interest them. My ag teachers played a huge role in putting me on this path as they were instrumental in giving me the skills to become the person I am today. I am super excited about this career!”

Landen Tull, “I want to be an ag educator because I believe that I can help make a difference in my community and classroom through agriscience education and FFA by helping students learn about the agriculture industry and help them get involved.” 

Lillian Wagner, “I chose to be an agricultural educator because I want to be able to teach the future generation about agriculture and how they can make an impact in the community.”

Annie Warren, I choose to teach ag because I think it is important to understand how agriculture affects you, your community, and the environment.”

Leah Winchell, “I am becoming an agricultural educator to inspire individuals to seek knowledge and empower them to develop and grow to the best version of themselves.”

Rebecca Wright, “I loved my time in my high school agricultural education classroom and as an FFA member in high school. The ag classroom felt like my second home. I have so many fond memories of being an officer, competing in CDEs, learning about all the diverse fields of agriculture in class with hands-on activities, attending conventions, and so on. I wanted to become an ag teacher so that I could make sure that my future students also have a great experience, just like I did.”

ACEL Buckeyes at Back to School Bash

On Thursday, September 1, many ACEL Buckeyes were present at the 2022 CFAES Back to School Bash! Our students were representing greek life, groups, and organizations they’re involved with, but others were there to find their fit.

This event gave many new students the chance to meet fellow Buckeyes, and learn about how they can get involved in the college. Both new and returning students were welcomed with a meal, dessert, live music, and of course by CFAES faculty and staff.

This event is a favorite of many students and we enjoy celebrating the kick off to the new school year with them!

Two girls standing in front of food trucks at Back to School Bash.

Lauren and Reagan at Back to School Bash.