Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch

Purchase Team L’s AEV design because our engineers and employees are constantly working to minimize cost, power, energy output, and the overall weight to make our AEV as efficient as possible to serve our customers right!

Team L’s AEV offers an efficient product that highlights four main strengths including:


While the AEV is placed and ran on the monorail team L’s design has little to no shaking while operating on the track.

2. Energy Efficiency

Team L used minimal energy due to several periods of coasting along the track. This was in attempts to better Columbus and the “smart city”. Team L had very low output of energy compared to several other AEV designers.

3. Safety

After several test runs and performance test Team L had zero safety violations. This is important because no injures to employees orĀ  spectators were reported during design and testing.

4. Accessibility

For Team L’s AEV it has fairly easy access to the Arduino nano, battery, reflectance censors, and computer port. This allows the head engineers to have easy access to these components for repairs or maintenance.