Sales Pitch

Watts Scientific is a cutting edge tech company with a drive to produce transit solutions of the future. As of now, our flagship products have just exited research and development phases and are available for purchase. The engineering team at Division F of Watts Scientific has constructed its own rendition of an advanced energy vehicle (AEV); the autonomous, monorail solution for public transit focuses on energy conservation and travel efficiency. Meant to cut down on travel time, toxic emissions, and residential seclusion, the AEV represents the future of travel.


Our AEV designs proved highly successful during the research and development phases. The conclusive data from a final test run can be seen in the charts below.

A final performance test shows that our design used only 247.39 Joules to travel a total of just over 15 meters in 44.34 seconds. Modern public transit solutions cannot compete with
the low energy cost of our products in terms of emissions and energy costs. Our solutions incorporated coasting mechanisms and power braking to be as precise and agile as possible. Maintaining a minimal energy footprint is a key element of our designs as well.


Our AEV designs are tested vigorously for safety, stability, and aesthetics. The design team focused on symmetry and balance to ensure a smooth ride in a well-designed product. With low-cost, high-performance parts, our advanced energy vehicles are the perfect fit for any city looking to enhance its public transit, both visually and effectively.