Material Test

For the material test part, team L basically tested two different kinds of material, plexiglass and carbon fiber. Team L assembled two kinds of the support arm with different material and through several runs of AEV, found the relationship between test runs and relative distance. Attached below are the table and plots for recording.

  • The table for recording the data

  • Plot: Distance vs. Test Runs (Plexi-glass)

  • Plot: Distance vs. Test Runs (Carbon Fiber)

According to the data presented above, it is obvious to see that AEV with carbon fiber support arm could move further that AEV with plexiglass support arm. Through simple calculation, team L got the average distance of AEV with plexiglass was 211.0714286 in and the average distance of AEV with carbon fiber was 221.1428571 in. Above all, team L knew that if they want their AEV move further, they should choose carbon fiber as the material for the support arm.