Creative Design Thinking

Connor Weyrick’s Concept Design

The front has a smooth and continuous design to allow the vehicle to pass smoothly through the air. The increase in aerodynamics will allow for less drag against the propellers, producing a more efficient transportation. In addition, the battery in concealed under the front of the vehicle to ensure it is completely secured during travel.


Christopher Vargas’ Concept Design

The very thin but sturdy base and body of the vehicle allows for easy passage through air, ensuring quick and effective travel. In addition, the heavier front of the vehicle is placed opposite of the audrino board, allowing for balance and stability. It was decided to exclude the propellers and to use a motor on one of the wheels instead, allowing for better control over the acceleration of the vehicle.


Bryce Baumgartner’s Concept Design

The larger base ensures optimal balance of the vehicle, stabilizing the effects of the weights from the various parts. Also, the long slanted wings on each side of the vehicle allows for ease of transport through the air while keeping the weight of the vehicle on the smaller side.


Garrett Stickley’s Concept Design

The design was kept simple and symmetrical to ensure balance of the vehicle, as added extremities could cause instability. In addition, the propellers were spread out to the front and back of the vehicle to allow for more distributed force, controlling the acceleration better.


Preliminary Team Concept Design

As a group, it was determined that Christopher’s use of a motor-pulley system instead of propellers would be preferred, as it would allow for the most control over the wheels’ motion. For simplicity, the base of the body and the position of the battery were kept the same as the sample model. To balance out the weight of the tall body section, the audrino board was placed on the opposite side of the vehicle. A complex front section was decided to not be added, due to aerodynamics not being such a big issue given the scale of the project.