Alternative Propulsion

Design #1

Attributes: Original Propulsion Design


From the multiple designs of the original propulsion scheme, a select few of the infrastructure components were considered to be kept. First, the rectangular base, in addition to the position of the L-shaped arm, the arduino board, and the battery saddle on the base, were chosen to be continued forward. Second, The trapezoidal wings in the planar configuration were also liked, but without the motors and motor holders as in the original propulsion design. These infrastructure parts were decided to be kept due to the relatively high stability and aerodynamics it granted to the vehicle during testing.


Design #2

Attributes: Alternative Propulsion Design


Given the updated design with the alternative propulsion system in place, additional components were considered to be added to the infrastructure given by the original design. First, the addition of the T-shaped base was chosen to be added vertically, in addition to a platform that would hang perpendicularly above the front wheel. Second, a motor holder and a motor was decided to be placed on the platform, being connected to a 3D-printed ball that rested on the wheel directly. These additions to the base were added because it proposed a more efficient and accurate system for power output and movement on the track. The added weight on the one side did cause a less balanced vehicle, so going forward addition design changes still have to be considered.