Sales Pitch

The final AEV design constructed by Watts Scientific Group J has superior traits in the categories of energy efficiency, coasting effects, weight, and aerodynamics. Multiple drastic changes were initiated from the sample AEV design to allow for these qualities to arise.

Energy Efficiency

From the beginning, the group planned to adopt an alternative propulsion system that performed a lot better than the original propeller system. During the advanced research and development stage of the project, the group was able to implement this plan. Even though the more complex design delayed the testing of the AEV, the results showed that the mass decrease in energy efficiency made up for the time lost. Through performance testing, the AEV was able to do a full run while using around 65 Joules of energy in approximately 45 seconds.

Coasting Effects

With the propeller propulsion system, the very minimal amount of friction surrounding the wheel caused immense coasting effects, having each run of the AEV being extremely unpredictable. Luckily, the switch to the direct-drive system also eliminated almost all of the coasting effects, allowing the AEV to be much more consistent.


Initially, the sample AEV was moderately light, using only a necessary amount of materials without added components. Subsequent to the advanced research and development, the elementary direct-drive system significantly increased the weight of the AEV past the preferred level. From additional weeks of adjusting the propulsion system during performance testing, the group was able to remove most of the miscellaneous components. With the recent removal of the trapezoidal wings used to hold the motors, the weight of the AEV actually had a net decrease from what it started at.


The aerodynamics of the AEV remained fairly consistent until the alternative propulsion system was added, significantly decreasing the ability of the vehicle to move the incoming air around it. The aerodynamics were improved greatly, at the same time as the weight, through the removal of the added parts through out performance testing.