3 Pictures 3 Words Reflection

Salisbury Not Steak!

Something I was unprepared to love so much was the Salisbury cathedral. It was a stop on the way to Stonehenge so I didn’t think much of the idea. But I was stunned at the beauty of it. The gothic architecture was stunning and I am pretty sure we had discussed this cathedral during my history of art classes. I took the time to light a votive candle as well and make a donation which gave me a nice moment to myself to reflect and pray in what used to be a Catholic cathedral.

An Unexpected Cleopatra

When we decided to go to the British Museum, I expected it to be similar to the Natural History museum. At that museum, it had been a lot of models of animals and gems, focusing on the world we currently live in. The British Museum flooded me with historical artifacts and information and I was stunned by everything I saw. I did not expect to see the mummy of Cleopatra! It was incredible. I also really enjoyed the exhibit on Japanese history and the opportunity to see the Rosetta Stone.


Row to Myself

Yes it was great to have the leg room, but joking aside it was a unique experience that we had traveling abroad during the beginning of a global pandemic. Nearly empty airplanes, restrictions in stores, and increased flight security were all new and part of our trip. We are so lucky to have returned safely and healthy, but we all had to be aware of our everyday risk behaviors and limit the chances we would pick up a disease. We all shared our hand sanitizers very generously and avoided touching things unless absolutely necessary. Even though we didn’t get to go into Paris, I know it was for the best. We got to see so much about London as a result and dive even deeper into the history and culture that it had to offer.

2 thoughts on “3 Pictures 3 Words Reflection

  1. I really appreciated how all of our students made the best of an unexpected situation. I agree with you that we will always remember this trip for the unique opportunities as well as the unique challenges (your own plane row not being one of them).

  2. Beautiful photos, and I agree that the flight back was surprisingly comfortable! It was great that you got to see the treasures of the British Museum.

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