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Visit Darwin’s Garden

Something that I unexpectedly enjoyed the most about visiting the Down House was Darwins gardens and green house. I really enjoyed strolling around and looking at all of the beautiful plants. It was also really interesting to spend time in a place where Darwin spent so many hours making observations and conducting experiments. This was also just a great opportunity to spend time in a beautiful place outdoors!



Tour to Ourselves!

Brooke and I scheduled a walking tour to go to all of the famous Jack the Ripper sights. Well turns out the tube systems can be a little confusing at first, so we ended up getting there a late and the tour left without us. Nevertheless we were determined to take the tour into our own hands and walk to the sights ourselves. After about an hour or so in the small (and arguably terrifying) town of Whitechapel, we understood why this place would be a perfect place for a serial killer to live.


Zoology is universal.

When I found out London had a Zoology museum, I was very eager to go. The Grant Museum of Zoology was a small museum that held thousands of interesting preserved animals including some rare skeletons. I really enjoyed visiting a museum that had just a zoology focus, i really felt in my element! Another interesting thing about this museum was that you could “adopt” a certain animal which would raise money for conservation, documentation, and renovation of displays. I was really glad I stumbled across this gem in London!

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  1. Hi Kaytlynn, I’m a little worried about the serial killer comment, but I’m glad you two took matters in your own hands when you missed the guided walk!

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